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Top End Linguistic Circle meeting of 20 September 2007

This meeting was hosted by the School of Education of Charles Darwin University, and held in Building 24 room 24.12 on the Casuarina Campus

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2:30-3:00 - Brian Devlin (CDU) presenting his paper on'Language teaching policy and Indigenous Catholic community schools in the NT'
3:00-3:30 - Louise Baird presenting her paper on 'Causation in Klon'
3:30-4:00 - Break for refreshments
Break for refreshments
4:00-4:30 - Salome Harris (Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation) presenting her paper on 'Clues in the text: A Yan-nhangu narrative'
Salome Harris with a Powerpoint slide
The same Powerpoint slide
4:30-5:00 - Patrick McConvell (AIATSIS) and Paul Trilsbeek (Max Planck Institute) presenting their paper on 'Indigenous language documentation and on-line community access: DoBeS regional archives and the OLCAP project'
Paul Trilsbeek
Patrick McConvell

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